Who we are

Ivy Harbor was created on the belief that every diverse business deserves the chance to succeed. Our founders come from diverse backgrounds so we take a genuine interest in advocating for businesses like ours.

Based in New Jersey, we are fortunate to see the rise of Hispanic, Asian, African American, Veteran and female owned businesses. To help grow these businesses and meet the unique needs of these communities, we develop websites, creative copywriting, advertising and marketing strategies.


Hispanic businesses


Asian businesses


African American businesses


Female-owned businesses

Source: N.J. Small Business Administration. This data represents 2017 demographics of small business owners in New Jersey.

What we do

Buying power among African Americans, Asian American and Hispanics has increased dramatically. These multicultural buyers are connected, media-savvy, socially empowered and culture-driven shoppers. What does this mean for diverse businesses? It means an opportunity to grow your customer base, better engage with your communities and ultimately, increase sales.

Our services — from web development and social media management to advertising and content marketing — will establish your business, bring in new customers and create community. 

Interactive Websites

We’ll take care of everything from setting up the domain, hosting, development, design and site management.

Creative content

We write and optimize content for your website, ads, blog, print materials, email communications and more.


From search marketing, social media and content marketing, we’ll bring you fresh new approaches and help you put them into action.

Customer Data

We’ll help you set up website analytics so you know who’s coming to your site and how you can better communicate with them.

Why Ivy Harbor?

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There are always opportunities for businesses to work together and exchange ideas. So whether you’re looking to create your website or simply discuss ideas for growth, we’re here to help.